Configure Remote Desktop connections

Enabling Remote Access on Your University Computer

  1.  Open Control Panel and type "System" in the search box in the top-right

  2. Click the top-most item - "System"

  3. Make note of the "full computer name" under the "Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings" section, you'll need this later to connect to your computer
    Click "Remote settings" on the left side of the window

  4. A new window will open. Select "Allow remote connections to this computer" in the "Remote Desktop" section
    Confirm that "Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication (recommended)" is checked
    Click "OK"

Connecting to your University Computer from a Windows Computer

  1. On Windows 7, open the Start Menu and navigate to "All Programs" > "Accessories" > "Remote Desktop Connection"
    On Windows 8 or 8.1, open the Start Screen, click the Search icon in the upper-right corner and type "Remote Desktop Connection". Click the first item in the list
    On Windows 10, open the Start Menu, click "All Apps", then navigate to "Windows Accessories" > "Remote Desktop Connection"

  2. Click the "Options" or "Show Options" dropdown button

  3. Click the "Advanced" tab, then the "Settings..." button in the "Connect from anywhere" section

  4. A new window will appear. Select "Use these RD Gateway server settings:" and enter the following:
    1. Server name:
    2. Logon method: Allow me to select later
    1. Confirm that "Bypass RD Gateway server for local addresses" is checked

  5. Click "OK"

  6. Click the "General" tab
    1. Computer: enter the full computer name of your university computer
    2. User name: enter your School of Business username followed by ""
  7. Click the "Connect" button

  8. You may be prompted for credentials to connect to the gateway as well as your computer
    Enter your School of Business username followed by "" and password if prompted
    It may take a minute or two to connect, depending on your network settings

 Connecting to your University Computer from a Mac

 Coming soon!