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We are excited to announce that content from the CTDA is now discoverable in the

Digital Public Library of America!

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New to the CTDA and want to get started? Visit the CTDA Quick Start Guide to begin adding your content to the CTDA.

Latest News

Due to a change in the indexing system, pages of books and newspapers were not being picked up in full text or OCR searches. We have been examining this problem and we have come up with an enhancement to the system that will allow users and researchers preview pages in search results and also view the title of the book or newspaper containing the page.

When you select a page from the search results, users will be taken to the page in the book or newspaper object with the search terms highlighted on the page (#1 below).  Users will also be able to see if the term appears elsewhere in the book by viewing the page slider at the bottom of the book viewer (#2 below).

The upgrade works for both books and newspapers.

Starting on October 5th, 2018, discoverygarden, inc. will begin the process of optimizing the solr search index. We expect the work to last about 6-7 days. Optimizing the index will improve the overall performance of the repository. This should have no impact on the ability to search across all CTDA sites.

During this time, users will still be able to ingest into the repository, but objects added to the repository after October 4th will not appear in search results until the optimization process is complete.

Please note, that any content ingested into the repository will not appear in search results nor on collection pages until the rebuild is complete. 

You will also see the following message on the pages of objects you have ingested: 

"Document not present in Solr while generating the metadata display for [PID]. Try reloading the page, or contact an administrator if this issue persists.

Also the object's title, description and details will not appear on the web page in the repository. Do not be alarmed by this message or the missing title, description and details. Once the optimization project is complete, the message will disappear and the metadata will appear in the appropriate areas. 

You will still be able to view the object's metadata record by clicking the "Manage" tab on your object and clicking the "Datastreams" button. Once on the "Datastreams" page, you can download the MODS XML file to view the object's metadata.

Also, any modifications to an object's metadata ingested into the repository before today will not be reflected in search results nor on the object's page until the rebuilt is complete.

If you have any questions contact us by using the CTDA Help Center.

Derivative Generation

As of September 2018, we had to disable generating derivatives upon ingest. Now, when you ingest an object, the file will be ingested into the repository, but the thumbnail and access files, along with other datastreams, previously created during ingest will take longer to appear. 

The new workflow is as follows:

  • Once ingested, your object will be placed into a queue.
  • The system will work through the list to generate derivatives for ingest objects in the order they are added to the queue.

In the short term, we are working with discoverygarden to create a report for users to see where ingested objects are in the derivative queue.

Looking at the bigger picture, we are going to reassess the derivative generation process keeping in mind that derivative generation upon ingest is the expected experience, keeping in mind that we need to do what is best for everyone.

If you have any questions, please contact us by using the CTDA Support Center.