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As of September 2018, we had to disable generating derivatives upon ingest. Now, when you ingest an object, the file will be ingested into the repository, but the thumbnail and access files, along with other datastreams, previously created during ingest will take longer to appear. 

The new workflow is as follows:

  • Once ingested, your object will be placed into a queue.
  • The system will work through the list to generate derivatives for ingest objects in the order they are added to the queue.

In the short term, we are working with discoverygarden to create a report for users to see where ingested objects are in the derivative queue.

Looking at the bigger picture, we are going to reassess the derivative generation process keeping in mind that derivative generation upon ingest is the expected experience, keeping in mind that we need to do what is best for everyone.

If you have any questions, please contact us by using the CTDA Support Center.

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