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Who can join CTDA?

A: Any memory institution located in the state of Connecticut is eligible to join the CTDA Community.

What is a memory institution?

 A: An institution that has a mission to preserve and make available historically valuable resources and records. 

How much does it cost to join CTDA?

A: It's free to join.

How much storage space does CTDA provide for free?

A: CTDA offers up to 500GB of preservation data storage at no charge. That's about 11,000 high resolution images.

What else does CTDA provide?

A: We provide persistent storage, including appropriate back-up, recovery procedures, audit tracking, replication and format migration when applicable to all community members.

How can I set up a demo of the repository?

A: Email to set up a demo.

Participant Agreement

Here is a copy of the standard CTDA MOU for your review:


Primary Contact Form

Here is a copy of the Primary Contact Form for review:

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