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What are Content Models?
A content model is a digital object that acts as a template for a particular type of content. Choosing the correct content model for your digital objects will ensure your objects display correctly and are preserved with the appropriate datastreams in the repository. Refer to this guide on choosing content models for more information.

Content Models are format driven, meaning you choose which content model to use based on the digital object you are adding to the repository. Below is a list of the content models and the formats they support.
Content ModelFile Format
AudioWAV, mp3
Basic Imagegif, png, jpg, jpeg
BinaryAny file format
Booktiff, jp2

Any combination of files supported

by other content models

Documentdoc, docx, txt, html, xls, xlsx, csv, ppt
Large Imagetiff, tif, jp2
Manuscripttiff, jp2
Videomp4, mov, qt, m4v, avi, ogg
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