Read&Write is an easy-to-use toolbar that makes documents, files, and webpages accessible. The software offers a variety of features, like reading out loud, built-in dictionaries, summary highlighters, and turning text into audio files. The software is available to all UConn students through a site license provided by the Center for Students with Disabilities.


Read&Write integrates reading, writing, studying, and research support tools. These tools enable users to:

  • Hear online text read aloud 

  • Convert documents into MP3 files

  • Advanced spellchecker and word prediction

  • Use screen masking to help you concentrate

  • Unlock PDFs for easy editing

  • Scan paper documents to digital

Installing Read&Write

  1. Navigate to the Read&Write product page.
  2. Scroll down to and click Try Read&Write Today
  3. Choose the appropriate operating system (Windows or Mac) for the device on which you are downloading Read&Write. 
  4. Select the Read&Write (US English) option.
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts for the installation.
  6. Log in with your UConn email and password once Read&Write has been installed.