UConn has access to an automated accessibility checker called Ally for Web.  Ally for Web operates similarly to web accessibility checkers like WAVE, in that it automatically analyzes accessibility and points to where web pages and content can be made more accessible.  Ally does this by reviewing both web pages and their uploaded content (e.g. images, files, multimedia) and generating an accessibility 'score'.  Scores are based on a rubric drawn from the WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines.  Different scores show different levels of inaccessibility; for example, a score of  87% for webpages shows that a site's webpages are accessible but could be improved. 

Ally for Web details where accessibility issues exist so that developers, designers, and content stewards can update websites and content to be more accessible.  It does this by providing an overview, which is then broken into individual issuesEach issue can be selected to learn more about why the issue is of concern and where the issue occurs throughout the site

Ally for Web dashboard and overview

There is a link out to each instance of where the issue occurs, and you can learn how to address the issue by selecting the meter icon next to the item's accessibility score.

Ally for Web issue, item with issue, and accessibility score and meter

You can also export a given domain's report as a CSV.  Learn how to interpret the report on this Ally for Web help page.


Why doesn't the Overview tab show any information?

If your domain group was recently created, it may take up to a week for information to show up in the Overview tab.  This is because Ally for Web has not crawled your domain(s) since the domain group was created.

Where can I find more information about correcting accessibility issues?

You can find more information about correcting accessibility issues on the IT accessibility website under Digital Content.

I made updates to my website's content, but I do not see those changes reflected in my website's score.  Why?

Scores and issues will not reflect improvements you made until the next crawl.  It may take up to a week for Ally for Web to re-crawl your site(s).

Who can I contact with questions?

Contact the IT Accessibility Coordinator at itaccessibility@uconn.edu with any questions.