This article compares video conferencing software accessibility so that faculty, staff, and students can choose the most appropriate software based on their needs and the platform's accessibility.

SoftwareAvailable to faculty and staff through UConn?Option to Record?Keyboard Accessibility/Shortcuts?Automated Captioning/Subtitles?Save Transcript?
Blackboard CollaborateYesYes (main room only)Supports with exceptionsNot currently, but is on roadmapYes, if there is a live captioner
Google MeetYesYesSupports with exceptionsYes

Yes, using Google Meet Transcripts extension

Microsoft TeamsYesYesSupports with exceptionsYesYes
Microsoft PowerPointYesNoSupports with exceptionsYes


WebExYesYesSupports with exceptionsNoYes
ZoomNoYesSupports with exceptionsNoYes, as long as cloud recording is enabled

"Supports with exceptions" means that some functionality of the solution does not meet accessibility criteria for keyboard accessibility and shortcuts.  This does not mean that the solution is fully inaccessible, but it does mean that users need to be mindful of users with disabilities' needs and provide accessibility information when available.  Accessibility information about each of the solutions referenced in the table is provided.