What happens when an account expires?

The type of account you work with determines what happens when it reaches its expiration date (or it is manually expired). Due to the way Affiliate Accounts are handled, the account will remain active until the next morning. If you need the account disabled immediately, contact the ITS Technology Support Center. NetIDWork and NetIDAdmin accounts immediately stop working when they reach their expiration date.

Who is eligible to sponsor accounts?

Any UConn employee classified as Faculty, Staff, or Special Payroll can sponsor accounts. UCH employees should use the process available through UCH to create affiliate accounts.

What happens to my accounts if I am no longer eligible to sponsor them?

The Account Sponsorship Application will attempt to automatically transfer your accounts to your assigned delegate, if you have provided one, or to your direct supervisor if ITS possesses that data. In the event we cannot automatically transfer your accounts, we will manually resolve the situation.

How do I know if accounts I sponsor are expiring?

You, your delegate, and the account owner will receive notification emails over the course of 30 days before the account expires.

Can I add my existing NetIDAdmin/NetIDWork accounts into the Account Sponsorship App for self-service management?

Yes. ITS will contact supervisors and account owners regarding existing accounts. If you wish to have your accounts added, contact the ITS Technology Support Center with your request.

I filled out the form to create an affiliate account, but no NetID was created for them the next day and I do not see a NetID in the table on the Affiliate's page.

If the account you have requested is for someone who previously had a NetID but it was not provided in the request, our automated systems may have detected it as a possible duplicate and added it to our daily report for investigation. ITS will contact you to confirm the old account.

What is a delegate?

A delegate is someone you assign to manage your sponsored accounts on your behalf. If you are away from the office for an extended period and have accounts that are going to expire, your delegate can manage them on your behalf. Delegates can also create, extend, expire, transfer, and edit accounts on your behalf.

How do I create a NetIDAdmin account for myself?

Admin accounts must be sponsored by a separate individual. We recommend having your supervisor sponsor your NetIDAdmin account.

I have a large number of accounts to create. Is there any way to create more than one at a time?

Users can request access to a bulk upload utility for creating large numbers of accounts. This requires the use of a spreadsheet editor such as Microsoft Excel.

I have reached the maximum number of accounts I am allowed to sponsor. Is there a way to add more?

You may request a limit increase by contacting the ITS Technology Support Center.

What if a student employee has multiple jobs at the University?

Generally, ITS recommends that the student use one account for their student-related duties (their NetID) and a single separate account for all student employment responsibilities (NetIDWork). The Account Sponsorship Application allows multiple people to sponsor the same account. If one sponsor expires the account but the other sponsor does not, the account will remain active. In this case, you should contact the ITS Technology Support Center to ensure any sensitive access is removed from the account.

In certain circumstances, such as a student employee having access to sensitive data and privileges, ITS can manually create a second NetIDWork account for a second job.