NetIDWork accounts that have been made prior to the release of the Account Sponsorship Application can be imported. Importing older accounts to the Account Sponsorship Application allows you to manage their expiration date alongside any other sponsored accounts.

To import a previously made NetIDWork account, please open a ticket with the Technology Support Center.

Example Email

Once you have submitted a request to the Technology Support Center, your account will be imported as soon as possible. You will know that it is complete when you receive the following email from

From: ITS Account Sponsorship <>
Subject: New Account Sponsorship

Name Of Sponsor,

This automated message confirms that the NetIDWork account, NetIDwork, has been imported into the Account Sponsorship Application and you have been specified as its sponsor. The owner of the account is FirstName LastName of Student.
The Account Sponsorship Application is a utility created by ITS for managing the lifecycle of Affiliate, NetIDWork, and NetIDAdmin accounts. These accounts must now be sponsored by another employee (usually the account owner's supervisor) at the university. As the sponsor of the account, you are now responsible for its lifecycle. You will receive email notifications as the account's expiration date (Date Of Account expiration) approaches. You must extend the account before the expiration date, otherwise the account will be deleted.
You can see all of the accounts you sponsor by logging into, and clicking the "Account Sponsorship" link in the navigation bar.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the ITS Technology Support Center or Identity and Access Management team.

Account Sponsorship Application
Identity & Access Management
Information Technology Services

This is an automated message. Please do not reply.

Viewing Imported NetIDWork Accounts

  1. Sign in to
  2. Select Account Sponsorship from the navigation bar.
    account sponsorship
  3. Here, you can search for your newly imported account by entering it in the search bar.
    search bar

Extending the Expiration Date for NetIDWork Accounts

  1. Once the account has been found in the Account Sponsorship Application (ASA), select it by clicking the checkmark to the left.
    click check mark to left of work netid
  2. Click Extend.
  3. In the Extend by drop-down, select the number of months you would like to extend the expiration date by.
    extend by drop down menu
  4. Click Confirm.