Faculty, staff, and students may create email aliases (personal names) and modify how their name is displayed in some UConn directories.

Valid Aliases

Faculty, staff, and students can Change Their UConn Email Addresses. An email alias (the portion of your email address to the left of @uconn.edu) is different from the name originally assigned to you by the University.

Typically, email aliases are some variant of your name (e.g., jonathan.husky@uconn.edu or jonathan.t.husky@uconn.edu), but you may create any name that uses valid address characters. Email aliases are not case sensitive and can be entered in lowercase, uppercase, or a combination of the two. Valid alias submissions will be automatically implemented. Any alias that is found to be in violation of institutional policy, contrary to prevailing community standards, or misleading will be revoked by ITS.

You may have up to five different email aliases. However, you may only create 2 new ones in a 24-hour period. One of these aliases will be the one assigned to you when you join the University. You may choose your other four aliases. The domain must be @uconn.edu. 

If an email alias has already been assigned to a staff member, it will not be available until six months after that person leaves the University. If an alias has been assigned to a student, that name is unavailable. Aliases cannot be reserved.

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