Faculty, staff, and students with an @uconn.edu email address can add and publish aliases that differ from their assigned email address with the UConn Email tool. An alias is the text that proceeds "@uconn.edu."

With the UConn Email tool, you can add up to six aliases in addition to the email address assigned to you when you first became affiliated with the University. By default, your assigned email is the address published in the Global Address Book and other directories. This tool allows you to change which alias is published.

Changing Your Email Address

To change your email address, you first add a new alias and then publish it.

Add a new alias

  1. Go to pername.uconn.edu and log in with your NetID credentials.
  2. Click Add Personal Name from the left-hand side.
  3. Enter the desired personal name.  Do not include “@uconn.edu” as that is built-in.
  4. Click Add APN.
  5. A green success bar should appear and it will appear as an alternate personal name.

If someone else has claimed the alias that you wish to add, the system will notify you that the name is not available.

Publish the new alias

Once you create a new alias, it will appear in the "alternate personal name" section. Once an alias is chosen as your published name it is displayed in the Global Address Book and other directories. 

  1. Go to pername.uconn.edu, and log in with your NetID credentials.
  2. Click Select Published Name from the left-hand side.
  3. Under “Publish a Personal Name,” click the radio button beside the email address you wish to have shown in the email systems and UConn phone book.
  4. Click Change PPN.
  5. A green success bar will appear noting your new published personal name.

Your published alias will be the email address you log into your email account with. When a new name is published it may take several minutes before you are able to sign in with the new email address.

The email address you choose for your published personal name will become your new login for your email account, either Office 365 (for faculty and staff) or Gmail (for students). This change can take up to an hour, and email will be inaccessible during this time. If you cannot access your email after an hour, change your NetID password and try again.

Although only one email address is published, mail sent to any of your active aliases will be delivered to your UConn email inbox.

Deactivating Aliases

If you no longer want to claim an alias, you can deactivate it by clicking "deactivate" beside the specific name. It will disappear from the list of active aliases. However, it remains in a deactivated state, not deleted, for six months. In this state, it contributes to your quota of eight aliases and is not released for others to use.