In Microsoft Teams, breakout rooms can be created to divide a meeting up into smaller groups. This can be used in the classroom or workplace setting for group conversations of customizable sizes.

Breakout Rooms can only be created by the meeting organizer.

Creating Breakout Rooms in Microsoft Teams

  1. As the meeting organizer, select the Breakout rooms icon from the top bar. This option is not available to meeting participants.
  2. To change the number of rooms, click the down arrow next to 1 and select the desired number of rooms
  3. To randomly assign people to each room evenly, select Automatically
  4. To specify which person goes to which room, select Manually
  5. Click Create Rooms
  6. If you chose to manually assign participants, then click Assign participants in the right sidebar to add people to each room
  7. Select the desired user and click Assign
  8. Select the room you would like to assign them to
  9. To add additional rooms, click Add room
  10. Once all participants have been assigned, select Start Rooms

  11. At the end of the session, breakout rooms can be ended by clicking Close rooms. This will bring all meeting participants back to the main room.