AIT provides access to Webex for all faculty, staff, and students to host and join video conferences. Classes can be taught remotely, meetings can be held across the world, and interviews can be conducted securely. Webex Rooms can share audio, video, and the content on your screen. Webex sessions can also be recorded for future viewing. 

Quick Facts

  • Free for UConn Students, Faculty, Staff, and Departments.
  • Anyone outside the university may join a Webex session.
  • 1,000 Participant and 100 Breakout Session limit.
  • Built in live-streaming available to help reach audiences.
  • Maximum session time of 24 hours.
  • You may schedule up to 5 concurrent sessions per account.
  • Can share your voice, camera, screen, and files.
  • Can be recorded.
  • Automatic Transcript Generation for all Recordings saved to the cloud (~90% accuracy, easily editable to bring to 100%).

Teaching Remotely

Webex can be utilized when either faculty or students cannot attend class in person. With two-way interaction, students can remain involved in discussion even when not physically present. Webex sessions can be hosted from personal/work computers, enabled UConn rooms, smart phones, and phone lines. View the Teaching Remotely Guide here, or learn which UConn rooms have video conferencing capabilities.

Holding Meetings

Webex is a secure tool for holding meetings when not all participants can be physically present. Using personal/work computers, enabled UConn rooms, smart phones, and phone lines, you can host international meetings. Learn how to Host and Join a Webex session

Scheduling Webex

Conducting Interviews

Webex can be used to host interviews. Remote committee members and candidates can join together for the interviewing process. Interviews can be recorded for subsequent consideration. Learn how to set up interviews in Webex

Report a Webex Trouble Ticket

  1. Please review these Troubleshooting Articles before submitting a ticket: Troubleshooting Webex
  2. Use this link to Submit a Webex Trouble Ticket or to report inappropriate activity: AIT Webex Ticket Support

HIPAA Compliance

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