Faculty, staff, and students have multiple choices on how to host a Webex meeting. Webex is a videoconferencing application that enables online meetings in a virtual room.

If you are teaching an online class, use the Desktop Application.


  1. If you need to, follow this guide to install the Desktop Application.
  2. The application home screen will show your name, your Personal Room link, options to Start your Personal Room and the option to Schedule a meeting using Outlook. 

    Click on any image to view at full size. 
    1. Click on Start a Meeting to begin your Personal Room.
    2. Click on Start to begin a scheduled meeting.
    3. Personal Room link: There will be a link displayed under your name, at the top of the page. This is the link that you will need to share with those you would like to join your Personal Room. 

      Guide for sharing Personal Room information: Sharing Webex Information Online

  3. Learn how to schedule meetings or Learn how to schedule your online class

If you are teaching an online class, use the Desktop Application.

 If you are using ChromeOS (Chromebook) or another Linux distro, you will need to run the meeting entirely through your browser.

  1. Go to webex.uconn.edu.
  2. Click on the green UConn Login button.
  3. If needed, click on the blue Sign in button.
  4. Enter your UConn NetID to sign in.

Using Webex's Web App

  1. When you are ready to begin,
    1. To host your Personal Room, click on the drop-down arrow within the Start a Meeting button. Chose Use web app. Next click Start a Meeting.
    2. To host a Scheduled Meeting, find your Meeting in the Upcoming Meetings section below your name then click Start. Or, you may choose Meetings in the left-hand menu to see all of your Scheduled Meetings.
  2. Learn how to change your speaker, microphone, and camera choices.

While in the meeting, learn how to "mute all" and "mute all upon entry"

This setting will have be to set each time you begin your class. Once the students are in the room, they have the ability to unmute themselves.

  1. Download and install the Webex app on your mobile device. 
    1. The Webex mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices. Click on the appropriate link to download the app. 
      1. Setting up the mobile App
  2. Open the Webex app.

Beginning and Running the Meeting

If your phone detects that you are in a moving vehicle, the app will switch to Audio Only Mode. After the automatic switch, you may manually return to video mode if you wish. Learn more about the Audio Only Mode at the bottom of this guide.

  1. If you would like to start your Personal Room, click on the START MEETING button. If you would like to begin a Scheduled Meeting, swipe your finger from the left side of the screen to the right to go to the left-hand menu. Chose your upcoming Meeting from the list.
  2. You will be brought to the video preview screen.
    1. Here you can mute your microphone or camera before joining the Meeting.
    2. Make sure you are set to "Use Internet for audio".
    3. You can also switch to the rear-facing camera before you begin.
    4. If you came here from the Connecting your Webex Session to a Videoconferencing Classroom guide, be sure to use the button in the bottom left to connect to the classroom system.
      After this step, you may return to the guide: Connecting your Webex Session to a Videoconferencing Classroom
  3. Once in the call, you have the same options to mute your device, switch active camera, and to end the call.
  4. You know have access to the "More Options" button.
    WebEx call video options.
  5. Inside the More Options menu, you will find the Host controls
    WebEx host controls.
    Start Live Streaming: Learn about Webex Livestreaming
    Meeting privilege: Alter 'Anyone can share', 'Mute on Entry', and 'Reaction' settings
    Audio Only Mode: See below

Audio Only Mode

While in the app, you may enter audio only mode. This will disable incoming video and your outgoing video as well. This will decrease your bandwidth requirements.

To enter Audio Only Mode, tap on the ellipsis button to view the More Options menu. Then select Audio Only Mode. If you would like to leave this mode to return to video mode, swipe from the right to the left side of the screen.

  • Students, Faculty, and Staff may begin and Host their Webex Meetings using only a phone/landline.
  • This method does not use an app, but rather a normal phone call.

Calling into your Meeting

Using Webex through a phone line is known as a Telephone Bridge. Learn how to use Webex in this way: Using Webex as a Telephone Bridge