This article is for faculty, students, and staff who wish to host a meeting using the Webex Web App. You can host a Webex Room without installing any software on Windows, iOS, or ChromeOS (Linux). This guide will describe how to host the Room through your web browser.

If you are teaching an online class, use the Desktop Application.

Get Started

  1. Go to
  2.  Click the green UConn Webex Login button. Click here to see the button

    WebEx login.

  3.  Click the blue Sign In button in the top-right corner of the window. Click here to see the button

    WebEx sign in button.

  4. Enter your UConn NetID to sign in.

Using Webex's Web App

  1. When you are ready to begin,
    1. To host your Personal Room, click on the drop-down arrow within the Start a Meeting button. Chose web app. Next click Start a Meeting.
    2. To host a Scheduled Meeting, find your Meeting in the Upcoming Meetings section below your name then click Start. Or, you may choose Meetings in the left-hand menu to see all of your Scheduled Meetings.
  2.  After clicking Start or Start a Meeting, you will be prompted to download a temporary application file. This file will run the meeting without installing or requiring elevated privileges.
    1. If you are using ChromeOS (Chromebook) or another Linux distro, you will need to run the meeting entirely through your browsercancel the download
      1. Click on the Join from your browser link. 

  3. Learn how to change your speaker, microphone, and camera choices.

While in the meeting, learn how to "mute all" and "mute all upon entry"

This setting will have be to set each time you begin your class. Once the students are in the room, they have the ability to unmute themselves.