This article is for faculty, students and staff seeking information regarding how to join a meeting through the Webex web app. Participants can join a Webex Room without installing any software on Windows, iOS, or ChromeOS (Linux). This guide will show you how to join a Webex Room through your web browser.

The Web App only supports Active Speaker view. If you would like to view all the participants at the same time, known as the "Brady Bunch" view, be sure to use the temporary application you are prompted to download or download and install the Desktop App.

How to Join the Meeting 

  1. Click on the Room Link (the Webex or Webinar Link.

    If you do not know your room link, or you have lost the room link, refer to the Enabled Rooms List.

  2. You will be prompted to download a temporary application file. This file will run the meeting without installing or requiring elevated privileges.
    1. Optional, or required if on Chrome OS: To run the meeting entirely through your browsercancel the download
      Wait up to 10 seconds after you cancel the download, or until the "Having trouble downloading the app?" message appears. The message will appear in one of the two locations below: 

      WebEx join from browser prompt.

      WebEx join from browser prompt.

  3. Enter your name and email address. 
    User personal room home.

  4. The Next button will turn blue. Click on the Next button to proceed to your meeting.

Enabling the Webex Web App to use Your Microphone and Camera

For security reasons, Webex, like all websites, cannot access your microphone or webcam without your permission. If it is your first time using Webex in the browser or on this computer, you will receive a pop-up notification asking for the permissions. You will see the spinning circle in the middle of the screen until you allow access. 

  1. Click on the Allow button in the pop-up notification to allow access. You should then be able to proceed with the meeting.
    Pop up screen.
  2. Make sure you are connecting "Using computer for audio".

    WebEx audio options.

    WebEx audio settings.

  3. Learn how to change your speaker, microphone, camera choices.

Video Walkthrough from Cisco