Students, faculty, and staff can join a Webex session.

This article explains how to join a Webex session as a Participant. For more specific instructions on joining the session, review the Related Articles at the bottom of this guide.

To join a Webex session, 

  1. Click on the Join link that was sent to you or found on a website. You will be directed to the UConn Webex site as your browser checks whether you have Webex installed on your computer.
    1. If you have the Webex application installed, it will open (or ask for permission to open) and you will see the video preview screen. Continue to Step 2.
    2. If you do not have Webex installed, you will instead be prompted to download a temporary application to run the session. This temporary application file runs without installing or requiring Administrator privileges.
      1. Download this file.
      2. Run the file. 

        This file is not the full application, but rather a temporary executable. 
    3. If you are on a Chromebook or using a Linux Distro,
      1. Cancel any downloads.
      2. Click Join Meeting from Browser. You will then see the video preview window, as shown below.

        Certain features may be disabled by the Host.
        For more information about Virtual Backgrounds, review the article, Webex Virtual Backgrounds
  2. If necessary, click on the caret next to Mute/Unmute to change your microphone or speaker selection. You will likely want to use your built-in devices unless you have purchased external, USB devices. The internal devices will likely have a name similar to "built-in", "internal", or "microphone array".
  3. Press the green Join Meeting button.
  4. Once in the Meeting, find your name in the Participant Panel.
    1. Hover your cursor over your name to see the hand icon appear.
    2. Click on the hand icon to raise and lower your hand. 

      For more information about raising your hand, review the article, Raise your Hand in Webex.
  5. Click on Chat in the bottom-right corner to open the Chat panel.
  6. Click on Everyone to edit your message recipients.
  7. If you are Muted, you may press and hold the spacebar to temporarily Unmute yourself.
    If you are using a mobile device, you may press and hold the spacebar on a connected Bluetooth keyboard.

Troubleshooting Resources

While ITS asks that Hosts initiate sessions using the Webex desktop app if possible, students, candidates and other participants may join using the options below without sacrificing features.