Within Webex, you may control participant privileges.

Settings to alter while Scheduling

  1. Navigate to the UConn Webex homepage and click Schedule to begin scheduling your session.
  2. Schedule your session as you normally would.
  3. Click on Show advanced options.
  4. Click on Audio connection options and look at the two Mute Attendees check boxes. Decide the restrictions you would like to apply. 
    If you choose to mute upon entry and disallow attendees from unmuting themselves, they will be unable to speak until a host/cohost manually unmutes them or unmutes all.

  5. Next click on Scheduling Options then click on Edit meeting options
    1. Here you can disable the Chat
    2. You will see that Video can't be altered. You can disable video once the Meeting begins.
    3. You can also disable File Transfer if you would not like the students to be able to share files during the Meeting (this is different than sharing a screen or application).
  6. Next, click on
    1. Here you can disallow Participants from viewing the Participant Panel. This will prevent them from seeing the list of other Participants, i.e. knowing who is in the Meeting.
    2. You can also control who the Participants can Chat with. This setting is expanded with more options once the Meeting begins.

Settings you can access once the Meeting has begun

Once you have begun your Meeting, you now have access to different options.

Meeting Menu → Options...

Participant Menu → Assign Privileges... (Ctrl+K)

General TabParticipants Tab

Note: In the Communications tab, you can limit the chat.

Webex Closed Captioning

Disable Content Sharing:

The keyboard shortcut for this option is Ctrl+Alt+S

  1. Click on the Participant menu in the toolbar
  2. Click on Anyone Can Share to remove the check mark

    Click on this image to see a larger version

To allow someone to share with Anyone Can Share disabled, you must designate someone as the Presenter

  1. Using the Participant Panel on the right, right-click on the Participant that you would like to present
  2. Click on Change Role to
  3. Then choose Presenter