This guide will show the user who scheduled the meeting how to edit or delete/cancel a scheduled meeting.

  • Editing the Meeting will not alter the join link
  • You may edit the Meeting at any time before the Meeting begins

Altering your scheduled meeting

  1. Navigate to UConn Webex and sign in with your NetID and NetID Password.
  2. On your Webex Home page, you will see your upcoming meetings listed below your Personal Room information.
    Webex user personal room.
  3. If you see your meeting listed there, click on the meeting title and skip to Step 4. Otherwise, click on the Meetings button in the left-side menu and continue to Step 3.
    Webex user menu.
  4. Find your meeting in the list and click on the meeting title.
  5. This page shows all the meeting information. To the right of the meeting title, there are four buttons. Use these icons to alter the meeting.
    Webex meeting options.

When you edit or delete the meeting: You and any participants that were added in the "Attendee" field will receive a notification that the meeting has been canceled.

Unable to select or delete a Meeting in my Upcoming Meetings

Sometimes Meetings appear on your Webex Home page that you cannot click on or edit. They will appear proceeded by the Office365 icon, as shown below:

Your UConn Webex account is linked with your Microsoft Outlook account. Thanks to this interconnectivity, the two applications may read each other's calendar in order to avoid time conflicts. If you see a Webex Meeting followed by the Outlook icon on your Webex home page (, that Meeting has been read from your Outlook Calendar. To remove this Meeting from your Webex Upcoming Meetings, you must remove it from your Outlook Calendar.