The University uses Webex for our video conferencing. It allows participants to collaborate through the sharing of video, audio, and your computer screen. This capability is available to faculty, staff, and students at the University. Webex can also be used for job interviews. However, unlike a normal meeting, job interviews require more privacy so that others do not inadvertently join the meeting. Below are instructions for how to conduct a job interview with Webex. 

March 2020 UConn Extended Break: Interviews can be conducted while away from campus! You may follow this guide, however instead of sending the Enabled Room Link, send out your Personal Room Link. Learn how to Host using you Personal Room Link. The Room Lock feature is less crucial while using your Personal Room because your Personal Room Like is not listed publicly, but it is recommended that you still use the Lock to remain in the habit.

You no longer need to schedule interviews with the ITS Academic IT staff by completing the request form in advance.

Testing the System in Advance

  1. Schedule a time to test the system with your candidate. This test is to make sure you can hear and see the candidate (and that they can hear and see you). Neither you nor the candidate needs to install anything.
  2. Send the candidate the Webex link that they will use for the interview. You can also include a link to the how-to article Joining a Meeting Using Your Browser.
    1. To find the Webex link for the room where you will conduct the interview, check the enabled room list.
    2. When you find your room's page, copy the entire URL for the page from your browser's navigation bar and send that link to your candidate. You may also send only the Webex found on the page, but sending the whole page gives the candidate insight to the room that they are about to appear in.
  3. At the agreed upon time, start the Webex Room through either the Cisco Remote or the room's touch panel.
  4. Once you have everyone in the Webex room, be sure to Lock the Webex Room.

If you are unable to test with your candidates, or they run into issues, please have them email to setup a time to test with one of our technicians.

Conducting the Interview

  1. Start the Webex Room through either the Cisco Remote or the room's touch panel.

    The Webex Room will not begin automatically. Please let the committee know that they will have to start the Webex room themselves in the classroom or meeting room. Once the Room has been opened, participants may join the meeting.

  2. Lock the Webex Room.
  3. When the meeting is over, end the call by pushing the Hang Up button and then push the red System OFF button in the lower left corner of the touch panel.

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For assistance, contact the service manager in the AIT department at and You can also call them at 860-486-4357 Option 1 between 8am and 6pm during the semester. For intersession periods, please call between 7am and 3pm.