UConn Webex users and non-UConn Webex users can become the Host and begin a Meeting without being designated as a Cohost (Alternate Host)

Use this method to hand off the Host role when your anticipated Host does not have a UConn email address.

  • This process will work with users who have a @uconn.edu email address as well.
  • You may designate those users as a Cohost while scheduling.
  • For more information about Cohosts, review the article, Participant Roles - Webex Meetings

Use this method when scheduling coinciding sessions with discrete Hosts.


After scheduling the session, you will need to share the Host Key with your anticipated Host.

The Host Key is re-generated after each use and recurrence. 

Reclaim Your Role as Host

If you would like to start the Meeting without help from the user that scheduled the Meeting, you must either (1) join the Meeting within the time allotted for "Join before Host" or (2) join after the start time of the Meeting.

The default early-join time is 5 minutes before the start-time, unless the scheduler has altered the settings. If you are still unable to join, you will be able to join after the start-time.

While in the meeting and not in full-screen mode, you will see a toolbar along the top, as shown in the image below.

  1. Click on the Participant menu.
  2. Click on Reclaim Host Role.
    Screenshot of Webex participant tab.
  1. Move your cursor over the Webex Meeting window to make the buttons appear at the bottom of the window.
  2. Click on the More Options button represented by an ellipsis.
  3. Select Reclaim host role.
    Screenshot of Webex more options menu.