HuskyCT (Blackboard) instructors can integrate Webex directly into their course page. Instructors may now create/begin Scheduled Meetings, list class Recordings, and facilitate Office Hours directly in their HuskyCT page.

Adding Webex to your Course

To add Webex to your Course, 

  1. Log into the HuskyCT website
  2. Navigate to your course.
  3. Click on the + symbol at the top of your course links to add a Tool Link.
    Please note that Webex can also be added as a content item. If you would like to add Webex as a content item instead of a Tool, continue down to the next section of this guide.

  4. Give the link an appropriate name. Webex is fine to use for a name.
    1. For Type, choose Webex.
  5. Check the box to make the link available to users.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Click on your newly created Webex Tool Link to open the Webex tool.

Alternative: Add Webex as a Content Item


  • This option for adding Webex as a Content Item is functionally equivalent to adding Webex as a Tool link, but requires more mouse clicks during use.
  • Adding this tool as a Content Item will place it inside a Content Area post, while adding it as a Tool Link will place Webex in the left-hand menu. Existing as a Tool Link makes access conspicuous and quicker.
  • If you have Webex as both a Content Item and a Tool Link, the two instances of the Webex tool will mirror each other; changes made in the Content Item will be reflected in the Tool Link, and vice versa.

To add Webex as a Content Item, 

  1. Click on Course Content in the left menu.
  2. Click on Tools to open the tools menu.
  3. Click on More Tools to find the Webex tool.
  4. Click on Webex to add the Webex tool.

First Time Setup

After clicking on the link to open the Webex tool, you will be directed to the first time setup.

To set up the Webex tool for the first time, 

  1. Choose your features: Be sure to check the feature(s) you'd like to use, Virtual Meetings and/or Office Hours
    1. You may also check Classroom Collaboration, however, it is not necessary and may add confusion. This feature adds an instant-messaging thread within the Webex tool by integrating Webex Teams. Within the Classroom Collaboration tab, you may have multiple messaging threads for different topics.
  2. Press Apply to see the new tabs appear at the top. You will see a tab for each feature that you have checked off. You may add or remove these tabs at any time by following this guide.
  3. Visit each tab and authorize Webex when prompted to do so.

If you would like your recordings to show automatically in the HuskyCT course, you must schedule and initiate the Webex session from the HuskyCT Webex tool link.

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