1. You will be brought to a web-page that will ask you how you would like to join. Here you are given a choice between downloading a temporary executable and downloading the Chrome extension. The temporary file and chrome extension have the same functionality.

    If you are on a Chromebook or other Linux device, you must use the Web App. You will not be prompted to download the application.
    Panelists cannot use the Web App. They must have Webex Desktop App installed or use the temporary file download.

    You will need to either download a temporary file that will run the Event or you can add the Cisco Webex extension to Chrome. The temporary file is ~3MB, does not have to be installed and does not require elevated privileges to run.
    If you plan on joining Events in the future, you may add the Chrome extension. Adding the extension will skip this screen in the future. 

    Adding Webex to Chrome. 
  2. If you choose the temporary application, your browser will begin to download the file. When finished, click on the file at the bottom of the window to open the Meeting window.
  3. The preview window will appear as if you were joining a regular Webex Meeting.
  4. Click on the green Join Event button.