UConn AnyWare is an application virtualization service that gives faculty, staff, and students remote access to university-licensed software. With UConn AnyWare, you connect to a virtual desktop that includes all the available software. 

This article is a guide for faculty, students and staff seeking information regarding how to use UConn AnyWare. 

Starting at 11:00 PM (EST) on May 27, 2020, ITS is updating UConn AnyWare to improve security, increase scalability, and introduce new features to our community.

We will only be offering the virtual desktop service through Citrix; AnyWare Apps (excluding a small subset of applications) and Anyware Desktop (VMWare) are being discontinued.

Below are the key changes:

  • New feature: This version will have user persistence, which means your settings and configurations will not change, even after you log out.
  • Security: You will not be able to install applications that either do or do not require administrative rights. This will better protect the University from criminals who may exploit the security vulnerability.
  • OS Update: The base operating system (OS) will be Windows Server and no longer Windows Desktop

See Installing Citrix Workspace for instructions on accessing AnyWare through the Citrix Workspace desktop application.

UConn Anyware Through Your Browser

1. Go to anyware.uconn.edu.

2. Choose Launch AnyWare.

    For school specific virtual desktops click on the link entitlec "Launch school specific desktops"

3. Log in using your NetID and NetID password

Anyware login screen.

4. After signing in you will be prompted to detect Citrix Receiver. Click Detect Receiver if you have Citrix installed. If you do not have it installed and wish to use AnyWare without installing it, you can select Use light version.

Users without administrative rights on their computers will not be able to install Citrix Receiver. Instead choose Use light version.

Detect Citrix receiver screen.

5. Select AnyWare Desktop to load your desktop session.

Anyware desktop icon

6. When you are ready to leave your session, you can choose Log Off from the menu drop-down.

Dropdown menu.

How to switch between Citrix Receiver and Light Version (Launch UConn Anyware Desktop and Apps in a browser)