UConn Anyware provides UConn Students, Faculty, and Staff access to a virtual Windows 10 desktop through Citrix Workspace. These desktops have university software installed on them such as the Microsoft Office suite, AutoCAD, and MATLAB.

These instructions are made for accessing Anyware through the Citrix Workspace application. To install Citrix Workspace see Installing Citrix Workspace.


Using Anyware you can easily copy and paste files and text between the desktop and your computer.

File Transfer

Your P and Q drive(s) are mapped automatically to Anyware. Therefore, files stored these drives should be accessible directly through Anyware without the need to transfer them from your local computer.

  1. Open up File Explorer on the Anyware desktop

Anyware desktop with file explorer icon highlighted

2. Under This PC look for the hard drive or flash drive that is connected to your local computer.

3. Find the needed file on your drive. You can open it in Anyware directly from your local drive, or copy it to your P or Q drive.

Data stored directly on the Anyware machine may be erased. We recommend saving files to a network drive or a cloud file service such as OneDrive or Google Drive.