AnyWare is a virtualized desktop environment hosted inside the UConn network.

This means it can run programs, access your Q:\ and P:\ Drives, and access networked devices that are on the UConn network.

AnyWare has a dynamic resolution which means you can resize the AnyWare window to different sizes and the desktop will reflect the new size (resolution).

Accessing P and Q Drives

To see your P: and Q: drives, use the File Explorer icon in the Task Bar
File explorer icon in start bar.

  1. While in the program in which you would like to save your file, go to Save As
  2. Save As > Computer > NetID (P:) or Save As > Computer > NetID (Q:)

Personal drives are provided to all faculty, staff, and students for private file storage and are accessible from any university computer on the university network. The default storage capacity is 50 GB for each individual.  We are happy to grant additional quota increases in 50 GB increments for individuals with larger needs.  To submit a request, contact the Technology Support Center at

More Tools

Printing to HuskyPrint locations is an option available from all Anyware Desktop sessions whether you are using an iPad, Android, Mac, Window client or a web browser (Safari or Chrome)