This article is intended for students who need the Minitab data files that are used in UConn coursework.

You will need Minitab installed in order to open the data files. Minitab can be accessed through UConn Anyware, or it can be installed by following this link:

If you need to access the Minitab data files through Anyware you will need to either download the files onto the virtual desktop or check the instructions on Anyware File Transfer.

Downloading the Data Files

  1. Go to the UConn software page for Minitab and click on the link titled "Minitab Data Files for UCONN Coursework".

2. If you are not signed in with your NetID account, you will be prompted to do so. After signing in, a file titled "" will be downloaded.

If you receive a message stating you are Unauthorized to download the file, you will need to open the link in a private browser window and try again. If you continue having trouble, perform a NetID password test or contact the ITS Tech Support Center.

3. Extract the .zip folder to access the files in it.

"Unsupported file format" error

If you are receiving this error when attempting to open Minitab files, see the solution below:

Cause: Double-clicking the Minitab data file from Windows Explorer will open it in the latest version of Minitab that is installed on the machine or on AnyWare by default. Some older Minitab filetypes are not supported by the latest versions and will result in this error.

Solution: If you are seeing this error, make sure to open the correct version of Minitab first from the start menu. Then select select File>Open from the Minitab menu to open the Minitab data file. *Make sure that you have followed step 3 in this article and extracted the files, otherwise they will not be visible to Minitab.