ITS coordinates biannual bulk purchases of workstations so that departments can provide their faculty and staff with up-to-date workstations. These purchases must be made by IT professionals or fiscal officers.

About the Program

The community is served best when technology is up-to-date. For faculty and staff, newer workstations perform better and faster, operate more reliably, and meet the requirements to run current operating systems and other software.  They also help the University maintain a safe and secure IT environment because machines are equipped to run supported, fully patched software. Up-to-date workstations are better protected against security vulnerabilities that jeopardize your personal information and that could potentially produce system-wide compromises. 

To help departments replace end-of-support workstations, ITS has initiated a PC lifecycle program.  Participants will work with ITS to refresh workstations in their area over a five year period and then transition into a regular replacement schedule.  To assist with the expense of this program, ITS will pursue a coordinated purchase to get the best practical price and will subsidize up to 50% of the cost per workstation.

Advantages of the Program

  • Workstations are offered at a reduced and subsidized price.
  • ITS handles ordering, delivery, and inventory.
  • Workstations are prepared for their user. They are delivered imaged, with administrative rights pre-assigned and determined by the purchasing area, and joined to our Active Directory.
  • ITS will push updates and security patches to these workstations so that they remain safe and secure.

How to Participate

ITS places orders quarterly.  ITS notifies departments and colleges when they may place orders via an online form. This form lists available equipment and the prices.