At UConn, Gmail is the official student email system and is part of G Suite, a collection of Google applications.

Are you new to UConn? Welcome! To get started, see how to set up your Gmail account for the first time.

Students receive their email accounts before they start classes at the University. Undergraduate beginning classes in the fall semester will be given access to their account in mid-May, once they have been matriculated into the University. Undergraduates starting in January will have access to their University email account in mid-November. Graduate students are matriculated throughout the year and receive their email account at the time of admission.

If students were previously an Early College Experience or Advanced Placement student at UConn, they may already have a Gmail mailbox.

Key Features

  • Mailbox Size: Unlimited storage
  • Attachment Size: 25 MB per file attachment
  • Encryption: None

 The student system before Gmail was HuskyCT. HuskyMail accounts prior to 2012 no longer exist and are not recoverable.