This article is intended for users who want to archive, or save, gmail emails to their desktop on their Mac. 

Archiving or Saving Emails on Mac

  1. Install (if needed) and open Microsoft Outlook
  2. Configure your Gmail account using Outlook.
  3. Once all emails populate in Outlook, select File > Export
  4. Select which items to sync by checking the boxes next to Mail, Contacts, Calendar, etc.
  5. Click the right arrow on the bottom right.
  6. Make sure No, do not delete items is selected.
  7. Click on the right arrow again. 
  8. Choose a name and place to save the file. This file is very important and should not be lost. This file is where all of the emails are archived and where you can access them from later. It should be saved somewhere it will not be lost and also backed up if possible.

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