Faculty and staff can add an email address to enable sending from Listserv list emails.

Adding an Email Address as a Sender of a Listserv

  1. Navigate to listserv.uconn.edu and log in using your Listserv credentials.
  2. Click on the List Management menu in the top left corner.
  3. Hover over List Configuration and click on List Configuration Wizard.
  4. Click on the Access Control tab.
  5. Set the "Send" keyword to the desired option to control who can post to the list.  

    Here is a brief explanation of the most common options for "Send":

    • Public: Anyone (subscribers or non-subscribers) can send to the list.
    • Private: Only Listserv subscribers can send to the list.
    • Editor: Posts will be sent to the editor for approval.  Only after approval from the editor will the post be posted to the list.
    • Owners: Only owners may post to the list. All other posts will be rejected automatically.
  6. Add email addresses in the "Special" box to allow for individuals to send to the list directly, regardless of the "Send" keyword setting.

  7. Click Save on the bottom right to save the changes to the list.