Faculty and staff can add soapbox@uconn.edu as a sender to their Listserv list, allowing them to send announcements to a department, school, college, or division.


Only owners of the list are allowed to add soapbox@uconn.edu as a sender.

Check the Configuration of the List

There are two ways to add soapbox@uconn.edu as a sender to the list, depending on the configuration of the list.  To check the configuration of the list:

  1. Navigate to listserv.uconn.edu and log in with your Listserv credentials.
  2. Click on the List Management menu in the top left corner.
  3. Hover over List Configuration and click on Manual List Configuration.
  4. Click on the list you wish to edit.
  5. Scroll and look for the setting "Send=", and check what the "Send=" setting is set to.

Editing list configuration screen.

"Send=" can be either set to "Owner" or "Hold, Confirm". 

  • If "Send=" is set to "Owner," follow Method 1 below.
  • If "Send=" contains "Hold,Confirm," then follow Method 2 below.

Method 1: "Send=Owner"

If "Send=" is set to "Owner", then follow these steps:

  1. Add "send= soapbox@uconn.edu" to the Listserv header as a new line.
  2. Click on Save in the bottom right.

Editing list configuration in Wizard.

Method 2: "Send=Hold,Confirm"

If "Send=" contains "Hold,Confirm", follow these steps:

  1. Click on List Management in the top left corner and select Subscriber Management.
  2. In "Add New Subscriber," add soapbox@uconn.edu as a new subscriber to the list.  Make sure the option “Do Not Notify the User” is selected before you click “Add to ListName-L.”
  3. In "Examine or Delete Subscription," search for soapbox@uconn.edu to edit its settings.
  4. Under "Notfication Options," make sure that "Do Not Notify the User" is selected.
  5. Under "Miscellaneous," make sure that "Mail delivery disabled temporarily" is checked.
  6. Click on Update to save any changes made.

Setting subscription options screen.