This article is for students, faculty and, staff who want to send their Listserv list email to an editor before it is sent out to others. 

Set Mail Submitted to Listserv to be Sent to an Editor First

  1. In Listserv, click on the List Management menu.
  2. Scroll over List Configuration.
  3. Click on List Configuration Wizard.
  4. Click on the Access Control Tab.
  5. Scroll down to the Send keyword.
  6. Set the Send keyword to "editor".
    • This requires any messages for the list to be sent to the editor for review.
    • Add or remove Editors by going to the List Maintenance tab and entering e-mail addresses of individuals in the Editor field.
  7. Click Save at the bottom right to save changes to the list.

Extra Options (located below the "send" keyword) to Control Email Sent to an Editor

  • Check the confirm box to require editors and other users to confirm their own posting.
    • A confirmation e-mail will be sent back to the sender. The sender can enter the text OK to confirm the posting of the e-mail in a reply to the original confirmation e-mail. This reduces spam by requiring the sender of a post to confirm the sending.
    • The editor will still have to send the e-mail to the list if the send keyword equals Editor
    • See information below on the confirm applies to box to control who has to confirm postings
  • Change the confirm applies to box to set who requires confirmation.
    • Setting this box to all would require all members to confirm their posting before its sent to an editor
    • Setting this box to Editors and Non-Members would require these groups to confirm their postings
  • Check the hold box to OK any postings as an editor, rather than sending them back to the list.
    • The hold option replaces the need for the Editor to forward the message to the list. If Hold is checked, the Editor would reply to the posting submitted for review with an OK. Listserv would then post the message to the list, rather than the editor having to forward the message to the list as usual.
    • The Hold setting is different than the Confirm setting. Hold applies to postings submitted to the editor for review, and how an editor reviews the posting. confirm applies to when an individual sends to a list, and then must confirm that they want the message sent.