Students, faculty and staff can manage Listserv by using email commands.

To Add a Subscriber by Emailing a Command to Listserv

  1. Create a new e-mail to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.UCONN.EDU
    • The e-mail account used to sign in to Listserv should be the same e-mail account you use to perform this operation.
  2. Leave the subject blank.
  3. Enter this command in the body of the email, filled in with the respective information: ADD listname net@address Firstname Lastname
    • Example: ADD testlist-L Joe Jones

  4. Wait for Listserv to send a confirmation to your email account.
  5. Reply to the confirmation email with OK or click the confirmation link sent by Listserv.  

Common List Owner Commands for Managing a List:

  • To add a user as a subscriber to a list: ADD listname net@address Firstname Lastname
  • To remove a subscriber from a list: DEL listname net@address
  • To get configurations for a list: REVIEW listname
  • To turn the Digest feature on: SET listname DIGEST for net@address

Common List User Commands for Managing an Account:

  • To subscribe to a list: SUB listname Firstname Lastname
  • To unsubscribe from a list: UNSUB listname
  • To turn on the Digest feature: SET listname DIGEST
  • To turn off the Digest feature: SET listname MAIL

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