Information Technology Services (ITS) provides a Mass Mail service to enable faculty or staff to email a large number of recipients at one time. A service account is required.

Benefits of this Service

ITS has limits set on our standard email systems to protect the performance of central email. The standard email systems do not allow you to send hundreds or thousands of emails at a time. This restriction is in place to prevent accounts from spamming the Internet and causing the University mail service to blocked by external email blacklist services.

Standard Mail AccountsMass Mail Accounts

Able to both send and receive emails

Message size: 30 Mb

Message rate limit: Up to 500

Message rate recipient limit: Up to 500

Only able to send emails*

Message size: 30 Mb

Message rate limit: Unlimited

Message rate recipient limit: Unlimited

* While mass mail accounts are, by design, not able to receive replies to emails, it is possible to route responses to an existing standard mail account or shared mailbox. 

If you are planning on sending a single email to hundreds or more recipients, then the Mass Mail service is the best and most efficient way to do it. With this service, you can send mass emails from on-campus and off-campus locations through a secure connection.

To request a mass mail account, please send an email to or contact the ITS Technology Support Center at or by calling 860-486-4357.