If you are are having issues opening Outlook or if it is not responding, your profile may be corrupted. This articles covers how to recreate your Outlook profile.

  1. In the Windows Search box, search for Control Panel, and open the Control Panel App.
  2. In the Control Panel App, search for mail, and click to open Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2016) or Mail (32-bit).
    Search for mail in control panel
  3. In Mail Setup, click E-mail Accounts... Note the account names/email addresses that are in that list. Close the e-mail Accounts window.
    Mail Setup
  4. Click Data Files. Note the names that are on that list as well. Close the Data Files window.
  5. Select Show Profiles, and then select Remove.   

6. Select Add, and type a name for the new profile, then select OK.

7.  The Add Account window will appear, and will auto-fill your name and email address.     Select Next.

8. When prompted for credentials, type your email address as the username (remove any pre-filled entries), and password.     Select 'Remember my credentials,' then OK.

9.  At the congratulations window, uncheck "Set up Outlook Mobile on my phone, too.'    Select Finish.

10.  Select OK at the Mail profile window, close the Control Panel, then open Outlook.