Student workers, staff, and faculty may receive notification of quarantined messages that have been tagged as malicious mail by the Exchange Online Protection (EOP) filtering service. The digest message from is sent to account owners once every 24 hours and lists all of the messages quarantined within the past day.


Spam quarantine is a temporary storage location for messages that are identified as malicious spam.

What should I do with the quarantine digest message?

You may choose to ignore these messages. Emails that have been quarantined will be deleted after 30 days. If you wish to not receive these Digest emails, you may right-click on the email, select Junk, and choose to Block Sender. This will send the emails to your Junk folder instead of your Inbox.

In the quarantine message, you have the option to release individual messages to the Inbox and report them as "not junk". You should use these options if the message was incorrectly marked as junk mail.


Take extra care in reviewing these emails in the quarantine digest before releasing them. The service highly suspects that these are malicious or dangerous. Even if you recognize the name of the sender, it may be a spoofed address and may be a part of a phishing scam.