ITS provides multiple options for faculty, students, and staff to store files. These solutions are backed up to prevent data loss and facilitate file sharing.

Personal Storage: These options are ideal for individuals.

  • Microsoft OneDrive: Faculty, staff, and students have access to OneDrive via Office 365. This cloud-hosted service is where faculty and staff should store their files. It provides 5TB of virtual file storage and has options for sharing files. 
  • Google Drive: Faculty, staff, and students have access to Google Drive via G Suite. It provides virtual file storage up to 15GB. Faculty and staff need to create an account to use this service.
  • Personal (P) Drive: All faculty, staff, and students receive a personal directory to store university files (up to 75GB) that are intended for individual use. When you are no longer affiliated with the University, these files are deleted.

Departmental Storage: These options are ideal for teams or groups of employees.

  • Departmental (Q) Drive: Faculty, staff, and student employees may be granted access to a shared directory to store files accessible to the group. The files on the Q: drive persist even if one person with access leaves the University.
  • Microsoft SharePoint: Faculty, staff, and students have access to SharePoint, which has overlapping functionality with OneDrive. SharePoint is a collaboration tool that includes document storage. It is often used by teams who are working on the same documents and products and provides 25TB of storage.