Enterprise File Services (EFS) is a system designed for secure computer file storage and online file sharing for faculty and staff. Enterprise File Services has two separate and distinct parts: individual home directories (P: drive) and departmental file storage (Q: drive).  You can map to these drives on your workstation, and then documents can be saved, copied, or moved to the mapped EFS drive just like any other drive. Files are backed up nightly and secured by the University's firewalls.

University computers supported by ITS can access to the Q and P drives while off campus.

P: Drive

All faculty, staff, and students receive a P: drive to store university files that are intended from individual use. When you are no longer affiliated with the University, these files are deleted. These drives allow for 75 Gigabytes(GB) maximum of university related files and is private for your individual use only. Drives can be increased to store up to 200 GB on request.

Q: Drive

Faculty, staff, and student employees may be granted access to a shared directory to store files accessible to the group. The files on the Q: drive persist, even if one person with access leaves the University.