UConn faculty, staff and students can use Filelocker to share and receive files securely with people inside and outside the University.  Anyone with a NetID can upload, share, and request files from public users. This is different from UConn Dropbox, which requires that all users have NetIDs.


The default file size quota is 2GB, meaning that you can keep up to 2GB of your uploaded files on Filelocker. You can request more from the Technology Support Center, if needed.

You can also try Microsoft OneDrive. It fulfills the same functions as Filelocker but offers more capabilities, is more secure, and can move larger files (up to 100GB).


Filelocker implements AES-256 encryption on uploaded files and messages, and also integrates with LDAP and CAS. In addition, Filelocker enables users to: 

  • Upload and share files with users within the organization
  • Request files from public users
  • Create software distribution accounts that many users can access
  • Send encrypted messages securely
  • Retrieve user information from many sources with an extensible plugin system
  • Audit user activity