Starting 12/1/2020, Filelocker is transitioning to a new server. This will affect shared links and access to older files saved on the system. 

Below are details about the transition experience:

12/01/2020 - 1/03/2021

  • For this time period, the older system remains available, but any new links generated will have a variation of the URL Anyone who receives this URL can access the file until 2/01/2021.

1/04/2021 - 2/01/2021

  • We will switch to the new server. The landing page for the service will be updated but the service will function the same. Files with the URL will continue to be available on the old server, but any new URLs created for sharing or requesting files will have the URL and be stored on the new server.


  • The legacy server will be decommissioned and files on this server will be unavailable.

    Make sure any files you wish to keep are transferred to the new server.

Microsoft OneDrive fulfills the same functions as Filelocker but offers more capabilities, is more secure, and can move larger files (up to 100GB).