Students, faculty, and staff can use Filelocker to securely share files with other users. 

The file must be uploaded before you can share it. For more information about Filelocker file uploads, see Uploading a File

  1. Log into Filelocker with your NetID and password. You will be directed to the My Files page. 
    My Files
  2. Under the Uploaded Files section, click on the name of the file you wish to share. A blue menu will appear. 
    Uploaded Files section
  3. In the menu, click Share This File
    share this file button
  4. The Share a File window will appear with the Users tab already selected. Within the Share a File window, you can (1) search for users with whom to share the file, (2) share the file with a group you have added, or (3) publicly share the file. 
    share a file window
  5. Search for the user to whom you wish to send the file. There are two options. 
    1. Search for the user by entering their NetID.
    2. Search for the user by entering their first and last name. 
  6. When you find the user, a blue Share button will appear next to their name. The Notify via email and CC me with notification options will appear below their name.
    share button and notification options  
    1. Select Notify via email if you wish to send a notification message to the file recipient. 
    2. Select the CC me with notification option if you wish to receive a copy of the notification Filelocker sends to file recipients. 
    3. Click on the blue Share button next to the user's name. The user's NetID will appear in the Users sharing this file box in the top left corner of the Share a File window. 
      • The filename will appear in the Files Shared with You section on the recipient's Filelocker homepage. 

        If you wish to revoke the selected user's access to the file, click on the red Unshare button that corresponds to the selected user. The user will no longer appear under the Users sharing this file heading. 
        users sharing this file box