Students, faculty, and staff can securely upload files to Filelocker. 

  1. Log into Filelocker using your NetID credentials. 
  2. On the My Files page, click Upload. The Upload a File window will then display. 
    Upload a File window
    1. In the Expiration date field, enter the last date that the file will be available to the user for downloading, using the date format mm/dd/yyyy.
    2. In the Add notes to file field, enter any useful information for the recipient or for yourself. 

      DO NOT use this field to identify passwords for encrypted files. Password information for users that will have access to your files should be provided by phone.

    3. Click Upload a File
    4. In the Open window, click on the name of the file you wish to upload. 
    5. Click Open at the bottom of the Open window. 
      • Filelocker automatically encrypts files uploaded and scans it for viruses. If no viruses or other security issues are detected during the scan, your uploaded file will display on the My Files page under the Uploaded Files heading. 
        uploaded file displayed on the My Files page
  3. Click on the small blue down arrow to the right of your file upload. A blue menu will display.
    blue down arrow and blue menu
  4. Select one or two of the following options from the menu for your next steps: 
    • Notify Me on Download 
    • Delete This File
    • Download This File
    • View Download Statistics
    • View File Notes 
    • Share This File