Students, faculty and staff can track requests for uploads and information about each request made to individuals that do not have a Filelocker account. 

To view your interaction history,

  1. Log in to Filelocker with your NetID and password. You will be directed to the My Files page. 
    my files page
  2. Click on the History link in the top right hand corner, next to your name. 
    History link
  3. You will then be directed to the History page. On this page, you can view your interaction history–i.e., the list of all the tasks you have carried out on Filelocker. 
    History page
  4. To filter your results, 
    1. Click on the Action: drop-down menu.
    2. Select an action from the list in the Action: drop down menu. By default, this field will be set to the All (hide logins) option. 
    3. Enter a start date in the Start Date: field. 
    4. Enter an end date in the End Date field. The newly filtered results will then display. 
      Filtered results