Students, faculty, and staff can track requests for uploads and information for each request made to individuals that do not have a Filelocker account. 

To view your upload requests, 

  1. Log in to Filelocker with your NetID and password. You will be directed to the My Files page. 
    My Files page
  2. Click on the Upload Requests bar. 
    Upload Requests bar
  3. The Upload Requests section will then expand.
    Upload Requests bar expanded
    1. From this section, you can view the following details about upload requests:
      • Single/Multi use: Indicates the number of times the upload link may be used
      • Virus Scan: Indicates whether the uploaded file will be scanned for viruses
      • Notify User: Indicates whether the user who initiated the upload request will be notified once it is completed 
      • Expires: Indicates the date on which the upload request link becomes unavailable   
  4. To delete an upload request, click on the red X icon that corresponds to the request you wish to delete. 
    red X icon
  5. The Confirm Action window will then appear. Click OK to proceed. 
    Confirm Action window
    • The deleted upload request will no longer appear in the Upload Requests section. 
      No upload requests