Microsoft OneDrive is cloud file storage service that the University provides to all faculty, staff, and students via the Microsoft 365 subscription. With OneDrive, you can save, share, request, and edit files on any device with an Internet connection. No downloads are required. It integrates with other Microsoft 365 apps so that you can co-author and edit in Office software, like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and can access OneDrive files easily while using apps like Outlook and Teams. UConn users have 5 terabytes of storage on OneDrive.  

Training Opportunity

View the recording of the live training presented by the Microsoft team on OneDrive. This session provided in-depth information on how to:

  • Create a new document and modify it
  • Upload an existing file
  • Share documents, manage access, and co-author content
  • Use features available on OneDrive for Windows 10, such as access via File Explorer, files-on-demand, sync settings.   

Faculty and staff should store data on Microsoft OneDrive. Data is encrypted in OneDrive, and the University has an agreement with Microsoft that ensures the data stays in the United States and is protected. Please note that OneDrive files expire alongside your account (e.g., when students graduate or when faculty separate from the organization).