This article outlines how to upload any file to the OneDrive online cloud storage, which is accessible to all students and faculty members. Once you have uploaded a file, you can access it from any device with internet access. Furthermore, uploaded files can then be shared so that others can collaborate.

How to Upload a File

1. Go to and sign in with your UConn account ( and NetID password.

2. Click on the OneDrive icon.

3. Click on the Upload button on the top bar. You can either upload a single file, or an entire folder if you would like to upload in bulk.

Upload button in OneDrive.

4. In the file explorer that has appeared, select the file that you would like to upload, and click Open.

5. The uploaded file is now available on OneDrive, and can be found in the Files tab. The uploaded file can then be accessed from any device once logged into OneDrive, or shared with others.

Files uploaded to OneDrive will expire when your 365 licensing expires. For students, this is when you graduate. For faculty, this is when your contract expires.