UConn provides wired and wireless solutions. This article provides an overview of your options.

Network unavailable? You can see if there is a system-wide outage at itstatus.uconn.edu.



UCONN-SECURE (Secure) is a campus-wide wireless network behind WPA2-Enterprise security. A valid NetID and password must be used to connect to the secure network.

If you have changed your NetID password, you will be prompted to update your credentials the next time you connect to UConn-SECURE.

  • Who has access? Anyone with a valid user NetID account.
  • How fast is it? Varies between locations.
  • IP Addresses: 50.28.XXX.XXX

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UCONN-GUEST (Guest) is a campus-wide wireless network behind no security. A network portal with terms and conditions will automatically appear when connecting, which must be agreed to before internet access is given.

  • Who has access? Anyone.
  • How fast is it? Varies between locations.
  • IP Addresses: 10.66.XXX.XXX

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EDUROAM is a standardized wireless network shared across many US educational institutions. Login is done via NetID and password.

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Wired Ethernet

Wired connections are available in most UConn facilities. Data jacks allow anyone with a hardware cable to connect directly to the UConn network.

  • Who has access? Anyone.
  • IP Addresses: 137.99.XXX.XXX or 10.16.XXX.XXX
  • How fast is it? 10mb in some locations, 100mb in most locations, and 1000mb in few select locations.

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Which is better - wired or wireless? Wired connections are more reliable and provide dedicated high-speed network access. Wireless connections utilize a shared radio medium so performance will be affected by a variety of factors, such as the number of users in a service area, radio interference, and signal strength.

IP Address

All networks use device IP and MAC addresses to provide internet access to devices across the world. For some programs, you need this information. Find out how to locate your IP address.