While working remotely, a high-speed internet connection that has the bandwidth for video conferencing and streaming is essential. This article covers basic tips for improving your home network and links to articles to additional resources.

Check your speed

Test your connection speed to see if you have enough bandwidth for University-supported collaboration applications. Average internet speeds typically fall in the range of 100 – 200 Mbps. These speeds typically can adequately support 3 – 4 people. In general, you can conduct voice-only calls with very little bandwidth but need at least 3.2Mbps outbound and 4.0Mbps inbound for high-quality video and audio. 

Broadband Now provides in-depth information about home networking and resources available during the pandemic in their guide “A Complete Guide To Internet Service During The Coronavirus Pandemic.”

Practical Tips for Fixing a Slow Connection

  • Keep your wireless router in the open and not hidden by plants or furniture. The fewer the obstructions, the better the signal.
  • If you are connected to your at-home wireless network, move closer to your Wi-Fi router. The signal strength is stronger when you are closer.
  • Reboot your router. Most routers have a reset button, but if you are unsure, check instructions provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Note: Your internet router can take up to 10 minutes to fully reboot.
  • Restart your computer, if your computer is not connecting to the network but other devices are still working online.
  • Close other programs and disconnect devices that consume bandwidth. Limit non-essential activities (such as Netflix streaming or gaming) while you are working.
  • You may need to replace older routers because radios weaken with age. Retail devices are not made to last as long as business class devices.

If these solutions do not improve your connection speed or if you need more bandwidth to accommodate the amount of usage at your home, contact your internet service provider.

No Service

If you do not have Internet service at the location of your home office, contact a local ISP. In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, several internet and telecom service providers have pledged to offer free access to the internet or increased data allowances to ensure people can get online during this unprecedented time.

If you are working in an area that does not have internet service, you may request a mobile hotspot (subject to departmental approval) from Information Technology Services.